About Us

At Emrey & Amonette, LLC our vision of insurance is grounded in integrity, customer service quality and value.

We believe that insurance companies have unique capabilities for the preservation of assets and transfer of risk that have been poorly positioned and communicated to consumers. In most cases business and individuals view P & C insurance as a necessary commodity. They often think of Life and Health as products that are generally "pushed" by agents and are desirable only at the margin, and at bare minimum levels.

Emrey & Amonette is dedicated to placing personal and commercial lines of P & C insurance and Life and Health for optimum value and benefit to the purchaser, always communicating and positioning the unique capabilities of the products and solutions — and the reasons why they actually perform.

Our Value Proposition

With all of our product lines - Personal, Commercial, Life and Health - we strive for the best value for our customers. Our goal is always very straightforward:

  • The best insurance company
  • The best coverage and coverage limits
  • The lowest premium costs
  • And unsurpassed, local service